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Investor Property Management in Bellevue, Tennessee

RENU Investor Property Management is Bellevue’s premier choice for professional investment property management services. We offer a wide variety of services, including but not limited to, showing the property, screening potential renters, repairs and maintenance, and setting and collecting rents. RENU Investor Property Management is a professional investor property management service, so we are able to manage any number of investment properties. With over 2000 properties under our services, we are familiar with the Bellevue area and surrounding cities and are able to set appropriate rental rates and find the best renters for your investment property.

RENU Investor Property Management has won awards in effectiveness for both owners and tenants. Our software allows 24/7 access to both owners and tenants, so you’re able to access your accounts at any time, find up-to-date information on repairs and anything else related to the property.

Reliable Investor Property Management Company Services

When you choose RENU Investor Property Management as your investment property management company, you can be assured you’re choosing the very best. We have a 98 percent customer satisfaction rate, an eviction rate of less than 1 percent, a vacancy rate less than 3 percent, and all of this with over $200 million in assets under our management.
We are a full-service investor property management service, so don’t be worried if you’re new to investment properties. We will manage things for you every step of the way. Our services can include:

  • Preparing the Property for Rent: We will make sure your property is ready to be rented out, including checking the zoning for your property, complete any necessary renovations or repairs, make the property attractive to the right renter, and set proper rental fees.
  • Showing the Property and Selecting Renters: We will use the best signage and internet marketing strategies to find the right renter for you. We will set up tours for the prospective renters, as well as complete extensive background checks, and we’ll make sure everything in the rental contract is done appropriately, protecting both you and the renter.
  • Inspections, Maintenance, & Repairs: To ensure proper maintenance of your property, our property management services will include regular inspection. When maintenance and repairs need to be performed, we’ll make sure they’re done in a timely manner, and that everything is completed up to code.
  • Money and Evictions: Although our screening process has over 100 specific points we go through, sometimes evictions must be done. Our investor property management services also include taking care of eviction and collecting late rents.

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