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Hire a Vacation Rental Property Manager in Brentwood, Tennessee

Owning vacation rental property is a great investment, but along with owning that property comes the responsibilities of a landlord. If you hire a property manager from Real Investor Property Management of Nashville, they will alleviate this stress for you. Property managers take care of all landlord duties, whether it’s maintenance or choosing tenants.

Selecting the Best Tenants

Your vacation rental property is important to you. Finding the best, most trustworthy tenants for your house, condominium or apartment is essential if you want to protect your investment. Real Investor Property Management’s property managers use professional marketing tactics to get the word out about your property. Our marketing includes searchable online listings and captivating descriptions so your property can be rented out quickly.

After we’ve listed your property, we give tours to potential renters and conduct background checks on those who are seriously interested. Background checks include proof income, rental, criminal and credit history. Our agreements save you money on background checks and RPM property managers are familiar with federal, state and local property guidelines.


Maintenance is essential for your vacation rental property in Brentwood. RPM property managers perform regular internal and external inspections while you have tenants and follow a regular maintenance schedule. We’ll make repairs any time an issue comes up and our skilled property managers can detect large problems ahead of time. Real Investor Property Management of Nashville is available to tenants 24/7, including nights and weekends.

Financial Concerns

With our careful tenant screening there is less possibility of running into problems later on. However, things still happen and when they do we are here to help. Our full-service online tool makes payments simple for tenants of your vacation property in Brentwood. When tenants miss a payment, our property managers know what steps to take, whether that’s contacting tenants or filing eviction paperwork.

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For assistance managing your vacation rental in Brentwood, Tennessee, call Real Investor Property Management of Nashville. Our professional property managers will maximize your profits while reducing your stress.

A professional property manager from Real Investor Property Management of Nashville can alleviate all the stress of being a landlord.
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