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Investor Property Management for Rentals in Brentwood, TN

RENU Management property managers help you and renters in Brentwood.

Property owners need time and resources to maintain rental real estate correctly. From maintenance upkeep to collecting monthly payments, it is a lot of work for an individual property owner to handle by themselves. That’s why RENU Management is a perfect candidate for savvy owners in the Brentwood, TN area, who find themselves in this position. Our skilled rental property management team is ready to take care of your management chores, whether you have a single rental home or a large portfolio of real estate across Tennessee. With our suite of rental management services, you can profit from your property without the hassle.

What We Offer at RENU Management

Tenant Screening

Sometimes it can be hard to find trustworthy renters quickly in Brentwood. RENU Management spreads the word by listing your property on frequently used home listing websites to get the best tenants in the area. Every renter who applies for your property will go through a rental and employment history verification along with complete credit and criminal background checks. Our top standards for renters have generated some of the highest retention rates in the area.

Online Payment Portal

We make renting easier for both owners and renters alike. Our comprehensive property management portal allows tenants in Brentwood to apply for housing, pay rent each month and request maintenance on the web 24/7. This gives property owners accurate transaction records and consistent profits while tenants enjoy the convenience of online access. With RENU Management, getting a return on investment is easier than ever.

Maintenance Inspections

We can handle any upkeep you may require on your properties, like carrying out maintenance repairs, conducting renovations and much more. Once your space is rented out, we take charge of scheduling regular inspections that cover every detail from the inside, out. Additionally, we provide a trained team of local Brentwood contractors to handle any maintenance requests that come up. Your building will be well kept, ensuring it stays in excellent condition.

Transparent Fees

RENU Management runs on exceptional management and honest policies. Our Brentwood property management services takes care of all the stresses that come with rental property ownership, so you can reap all the benefits. At every tier of service, you can rest assured you are investing in quality management with our clear fee schedule. There are no surprises when it comes to our transactions because our accounting is broken down into itemized deductions that removes any guesswork.

Increased Profits for Property Owners

Owning a residential property in the Brentwood area has its pros and cons, but we do our due diligence to eliminate the hassle while making a profit for you. Without the need for marketing to find renters, provide maintenance and handle evictions or collections, all you need to do is enjoy the steady flow of income every month. Discover how we can assist you with your rental property in Brentwood by receiving a free rent analysis today.

Why RENU Management?

With over 50 years combined real estate experience, RENU Management has gained a stellar reputation in the real estate and property management industries. We use ethical property management practices to ensure we stay in compliance with local laws and regulations in Brentwood, TN. You can feel confident knowing we are well prepared to deal with any scenario that comes our way. Call us at 1-866-340-6909 for no-cost rent analysis.

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