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Rental Investor Property Management Company in Nashville, TN

RENU Management is the leader in rental property management for the Nashville, TN area. We offer a variety of services, from setting rent amounts to property maintenance, and everything in between. We are a full-service property management company dedicated to working for you. Throughout the Nashville area, we are known for unparalleled experience, ethical business practices, and proven results on behalf of our clients. When you are ready to have a reputable firm manage your rental property, call RENU.

Our business practices, ability to provide outstanding service, and increase ROI for our customers enables RENU to lead the way in property management. With the credibility we have long cultivated in our communities, we continue to grow our firm based on best business practices. As we strengthen those relationships we increase our local knowledge, allowing us an edge when managing your rental units. The rental property managers with RENU Management of Nashville possess a local understanding of Nashville, allowing us insight into the area. This insight provides better opportunities for property owners and clients. RENU’s continued partnerships make us the favored rental property management provider for the Nashville area.

The team with RENU Management maintains top-level training and licensing necessary to operate according to Tennessee state code. You can trust that RENU is prepared to effectively handle any scenario that may arise while keeping your property turning a profit for you.

What We Do - Our Services

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RENU Analytics

Developed best-in-class underwriting software platform RENU Analytics: speed & accuracy advantage.

Completed Acquisitions

Responsible for completed acquisition of over 2,000 single-family homes in target markets.

Due Diligence Appraisals

Performed due diligence appraisals of over 25,000 homes in portfolios, off-market.

Construction Management

Construction management for over 1,000 homes.


Average 9.4 days per rehab project on schedule.

Rehab Costs

Actual rehab cost to within 1% of Estimate.

Selecting your Professional Management Team with RENU

Selecting the best property management firm is critical for the success of your rentals. Property owners must choose a reputable firm that will effectively manage your property by providing outstanding maintenance that will increase your profitability. RENU Management in Nashville provides all this and more. When you have a reliable partnership with your property management company, it benefits both parties. This benefit promotes growth and stability and enables you to increase your ROI.

With RENU Management of Nashville as your property management solution, you have the trust of a qualified professional looking out for your best interest. We understand that when we do our best, you do even better. We are the solution for property owners, offering comprehensive packages that include:

  • Marketing to the Best Renter
    Our local Nashville knowledge enables us to market to the right renters. Starting with the advertising and screening process, we narrow down prospects to find you excellent renters. Selecting a renter can be challenging but we’ve perfected the process of screening for renters who are reliable and stable. We provide rigorous tenant screenings that include criminal backgrounds, credit checks, employment verification and rental history. This streamlined process results in fewer collection and eviction issues and longer tenant retention.
  • Maintenance Services
    RENU Management keeps your property in the best possible condition. Our team frequently inspects your rental property to keep your building in good condition and spot challenges before they escalate into expensive repairs. Whether it’s structural or aesthetic maintenance, we take care of repairs and upkeep both inside and outside your rental property. Keeping your rental units well maintained ensures that everything is functioning and that tenants are doing their part. You can enjoy a robust ROI with our reliable and effective maintenance request system. Tenants have an integrated access portal, so they can request maintenance services as needed. Emergency servicing systems guarantee those problems are expediently handled, curbing as much damage as possible.
  • Setting Rent and Fees
    Setting fair and attainable rental amounts requires a comprehensive understanding of the area, the current market trends and the quality of the property. Pricing fair rents is another aspect of property management RENU handles for you. We continually evaluate the market, ensuring you have the highest return to you. In addition, we make paying rent easy with our dedicated online tenant portals that allow for convenient 24/7 access. We have an easy-to-use, fully integrated system for collecting and distributing funds. Some of the features of our payment platform include direct deposit for owners, monthly CPA audits on all owner trust accounts from an independent firm and 1099 tax preparation. The collection of rent and fees may seem straightforward and simple, and it usually is. However, there are those times when payment is not submitted in a timely manner. When rents are not paid efficiently, any number of challenges can arise. Those challenges become our responsibility when you hire us to manage your properties. RENU’s reliable and ethical reporting credentials secure our position as one of the nation’s top property management company. Our team knows clear and transparent communication ensures strong partnerships for years to come.

Taking care of these little details is our specialty. Rather than expend what limited resources and energy you have, let RENU Management do it for you. We are a fully integrated company that can provide an array of property management solutions. If you call for a rental analysis, we can provide options like competitive rates, expert advice and construction insights.

“As an out-of-state landlord, having a property management company I can rely on is paramount. RENU Management has met all of my expectations. They have definitely given me peace of mind.”

- Nathan
Property Owner

“Time and time again, RENU Management has proven to me that my property is in good hands. I’m very pleased with the service I receive on all levels.”

- David H.
Property Owner

"RENU Management has demonstrated to be a very serious and efficient company since I started renting out my property in July. They are very organized and keep their clients up to date."

- J. Bobe
Satisfied Owner

"I am so happy with RENU Management. Their skilled and professional team rented my house out very quickly."
- K. Hansen
Property Owner

RENU is the Clear Choice

RENU Management has built its reputation on dedicated and professional property management services. With our experience of over 50 years in the industry, we know how to consistently deliver the best ROI to our customers. Although there may be upfront costs to work with a management firm, the resulting dividends quickly surpass that amount. You will soon see the full value and impact RENU has on your rental property.

We strongly believe that you will be satisfied with our no-cost rent analysis and the overview of services we provide in the Nashville area. You will discover first hand all the ways we can work for you and truly become your property management solution. RENU Management in Nashville has several necessary services for our clients as part of several comprehensive packages. We are among the top firms nationwide when it comes to managing, maintaining and earning a profit for your properties.

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Make Your Nashville Property Profitable

Discover the Benefits of how RENU Management Nashville Improves your Rental Strategy

Property maintenance is labor intensive. It requires a continual re-investment of finances, effort, and energy. It is quickly discovered the day-to-day challenges of property maintenance is more than what a landlord is prepared for. RENU takes care of this for our investment property owners. We are the perfect solution for savvy investment property owners. Whether it’s a single dwelling or a large portfolio across Nashville, our talented team can undertake your business needs.


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